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Miscellaneous Valves

Load Genie Combination Unloader & Check Valve

Positive, reliable, inexpensive method for unloading discharge manifold of any compressor - eliminates need for expensive centrifugal and other conventional unloading devices, cumbersome tubing and fittings.
Unloads manifold any time air flow stops; not dependant upon power source or tank pressure. 
Operates in any position.  For pressure switch or constant speed operation.
Max. working pressure 250 PSI. Brass body, stainless steel springs.  Teflon seals.

load genie

Part # Tube
Flow Range
Free CFM
4X996 3/8 1/4" 1 To 6 3/4" 1-9/16"
4X997 1/2 3/8" 3 To 12 13/16" 1-11/16"
4X998 3/4 1/2" 8 To 24 1" 2-1/16"
4X999 3/4 3/4" 15 To 48 1-3/16" 2-3/16"

load genie

Part # FPT
Flow Range
Free CFM
5A703 1/4" 1/4" 1 To 6 3/4" 1-9/16"
5A704 3/8" 3/8" 3 To 12 13/16" 1-11/16"
5A705 1/2" 1/2" 8 To 24 1" 2-1/16"
5A706 3/4" 3/4" 15 To 48 1-3/16" 2-3/16"


All-in-one outlet fitting for air compressor tanks combines safety valve, full flow valve, tank mount fitting and fittings for mounting user's air gauge and pressure switch. 
Model for air carrying tanks is similar but has tire-type filler valve in place of pressure switch fitting.
Safety valve with stainless steel spring factory set for 120 PSI. - 40° F to 180° F Temperature range.
Not suitable for discharge direct from compressor pump-air must be piped to inlet. 
Fitting sizes: Tank mount 1/2" MPT; switch mount (not on No. 6X272) 1/4" MPT; gauge mount and outlet 1/4" FPT.

Part # TYPE Weight  
6X271 Compressor 4 oz Manifold
6X272 Carry Tank 4 oz Manifold


Inflator valve 1/8 MPT

Uses standard tire gauge/chuck, 1/8 MPT can be used in a variety of application to inflate or fill using a standard tire chuck.


Completely self-contained, continuous run manifold vent unloaders, incorporate the three components required in conventional continuous run control systems - pilot valve, check valve and suction or vent unloader valve. Convert any pressure switch control compressor to constant speed unloader type.

Can be universally applied to any gas engine driven compressor, and to compressor applications where air consumption is steady and exceeds 50% of free air delivery.  Control is preset to cut in at 100PSI, cut-out at 125 PSI. Range and differential can be adjusted to suit needs.  Working range - 50 to 135 PSI with Provision for 110 to 250 PSI range.  Stainless springs, Teflon seats.

Can be used with throttle slow down cable # TCLP-36 OR TCSP with a copper line.


Part # Max CFM
Flow Rate
FPT Inlet FPT Outlet FPT Vent Port Throttle Port
NG-1 25 1/2" 1/2" 3/8" 1/8"
NLG-1 60 3/4" 3/4" 1/2" 1/8"

slow down cable

Part # Slowdown
TCLP-36 Attaches direct to valve c/w 36" cable, 1/8 MPT

compressor slow down device

Part # Slowdown
TCSP4651 ± 2-1/4" rod connects on engine and uses copper line to valve 6" OAL
TCSP4625 ± 2" rod connects on engine and uses copper line to valve 5-1/2" OAL
TCSP3892 ± 2" rod connects on engine and uses copper line to valve 5" OAL


Unloader Pilot Valves


RCB-M Series unloader pilot valves have an operating range of 20-250 psi. All RC valves have 1/4" inlets (from tank) and 1/8" outlets (to other devices such as a throttle control or discharge valve), as well as a filtering element at the inlet.

External pressure and differential adjustments allow for customization within a specific range based on the original factory setting.



BG-1 piloted unloader valves operate within the same pilot pressure range of 40-250. B-Series handles 20 SCFM at discharge. 1/4 MPT

It incorporate a hand unloader for manually unloading the compressor, and are usually used on gas engine applications.

Economical and reliable in-tank check valves for use on compressors or  water, oil and gas tanks.  For industrial and commercial applications.

VIK's have female National  Pipe Thread (NPT) inlets and male NPT into tank.  All have tapped 1/8" FPT ports for unloader, with removable plugs. Inlets on No's. 6X213, 6X214, 6X215 and 6X216 are threaded to accept compression fitting, eliminating need for an adapter for pipe thread-to-compression fitting thread

Check valve

Valves for use with tubing - Inlet Threaded for compression fittings other end NPT
Part # Inlet Outlet
6X213 1/2" 1/2" MPT
6X214 3/4" 1/2" MPT
6X215 3/4" 3/4" MPT
6X216 3/4" 1" MPT

Check valve

Valves for use with iron pipe - NPT on both ends
Part # Inlet Outlet
VIK-1 1/4" FPT 1/2" MPT
VIK-2 3/8" FPT 1/2" MPT
VIK-3 1/2" FPT 1/2" MPT
VIK-4 1/2" FPT 3/4" MPT
VIK-5 3/4" FPT 3/4" MPT
VIK-6 1/2" FPT 1" MPT
VIK-7 3/4" FPT 1" MPT
VIK-8 1" FPT 1" MPT
VIK-9 1-1/4" FPT 1-1/4" MPT
VIK-10 1-1/2"FPT 1-1/2"MPT


Noiseless, dome-shaped positive-seating Teflon discs for maximum air flow.  Valves open at 1 to 2 PSI; Air check valves can also be used on water, oil and gas lines, including Butane or propane.  Glove valve body with threaded end cap; both ends tapped. 1/8 FPT unloader port, port has removable plug.

Check valve

Bronze Air Check Valves
Part # NPT Size
CHK-1 1/4"
CHK-2 3/8"
CHK-3 1/2"
CHK-4 3/4"
CHK-5 1"
CHK-6 1-1/4"
CHK-7 1-1/2"
CHK-8 2"


Specifically designed for use on vertical tank mounted compressors. Withstands temperatures up to 500° F. Valve opens at 5 PSI, holds back pressure up to 450 PSI. Positive-seating Teflon disc, stainless steel spring, body with provision for unloading device. For air compressors water, gas, and oil lines.

Check valve

Part # NPT Size
VEK-1 1/4"
VEK-2 3/8"
VEK-3 1/2"
VEK-5 3/4"


Valves are ASME Standard National Board Certified.  Tested and sealed at the factory.  For all compressed air and gas lines.  Precision steel ball seat, bronze construction.  Withstands up to 350°F. Ring-type lifter for manual test of valve. Male Entrée, side Sortie 3-3/8"Long.

Saftey Valve

Specify pressure from 10-200 PSI

Part # NPT Size
SVK-1 1/4"
SVK-2 3/8"
SVK-3 1/2"
SVK-4 3/4"
SVK-5 1"