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Surface treatment for special taps

Listed are the surface treatments currently available.

No. Description Purpose Application
TST-1 Medium Nitride To resist abrasion with a hardened surface case. For tapping aluminum, die castings, abrasive stringy metals and free machining copper alloys.
TST-2 Steam Oxide To counteract galling or loading. Lubricate tap surfaces. For tapping low carbon, leaded steel, stainless and gummy material.
TST-3 Nitride and Oxide in air For stress relief and light oxide coating. Copper alloys of medium machinability.
TST-4 Nitride plus Steam Oxide To add wear life and reduce loading. High speed production tapping. Poor lubrication.
TST-5 Steam Oxide plus Nitride To add wear life, provide self lubrication. For use in cast iron.
TST-6 Heavy Nitride plus Steam Oxide To add wear life in hard and dense metals. For tapping hard steel alloys, titanium, exotic metals and hard copper alloys.
Chrome Plated and or Vapor Blast
TST-7 Hard Flash Chrome To reduce friction and prevent galling. For copper and mild ferrous alloys.

Titanium Nitride, Titanium Carbonitride, and other treatments available upon request.

However, a word of caution:

Customers are requested to provide us with full details of the tapping application before ordering a surface treatment.
We will advise you whether a surface treatment is needed or not, or if it will solve the problem.
We do not want our valued customers to invest time or money if it is not necessary.