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Dependable system pressure maintenance for dry pipe sprinkler systems is provided by a base mounted air compressor type ASB.
Units include compressor with flywheel and inlet filter silencer.
The motor, compressor and V belt drive are all mounted on a heavy steel base, complete with foundation bolt holes.
Available with manual or automatic controls.
Select your air compressor for system size to pump up to 40 PSIG pressure within 30 minutes maximum time.

* Also available tank mounted type ASBT

sprinkler comressor base mounted

with D-2 Pump base mounted

sprinkler compressor tank mounted

with D3 Pump mounted on 20 Gallon Tank

Part # HP Maximum
Free Air Delivery
ASB1 1/3 175 2.44 2.12
ASB2 1/2 260 3.69 3.15
ASB3 3/4 370 5.14 4.49
ASB4 1 600 8.38 7.28
ASB5 1-1/2 750 10.01 9.10
ASB6 2 1060 15.02 12.90
ASB7 3 1800 25.08 21.82
ASB8 5 2700 37.5 32.60

Specifications: 40 PSIG System (30 Minute Maximum Pumping Time)


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