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paint gun

Reliable Paint Gun with history and tradition.

Meiji Hand Paint Gun have been produced by uniting long on-site experience and the latest technology. They are easy to grip, and for the painter promise the finest surface finishing.

  • Nozzle Bore (mm):  2.0
  • Paint Feed System:  Suction
  • Air Consumption (l/min):  290
  • Sprayed Volume (ml/min):  320
  • Pattern Width (mm):  260


  • Stable Performance - It is no exaggeration to say the performance of our paint gun results from the mechanism and machining precision of their air caps.  Meiji air caps have been designed and produced on the basis of 60 years of technology and experience, and the result is outstanding atomization and stable spray patterns.
  • High Grade Stainless Steel Fluid Nozzle - The stainless steel fluid nozzle enables use with either solvent or water base paints, and hence a wide variety of applications.
  • Outstanding Durability - Single body construction, outstanding head durability and low number of components facilitate adjustment and inspection.
  • Polished Surface Treatment - Peeling of the body surface is eliminated by buff polishing and special alumite treatment.  We are sure you will be satisfied with the easy to use, modern  design of our gun.
  • Teflon Packing - Teflon O-rings are used for packing, thus eliminating the need for lubrication and achieving extremely long service life.  In post -use cleaning, the spray gun can be immersed completely in thinner.
  • Convenient Air Adjusting Valve - Our gun is equipped with an air adjusting valve, thus enabling simple adjustment of air rate in response to different applications and conditions.


paint cup

Part # 10SL-3N

Suction Type Cup

  • Capacity (L):  1
  • Coupling Nut (NPF):  3/8
  • Fitable Guns:  MC-S20
  • Net Weight (g):  420
paint tank

Part # 6Z899

For use with internal and external mix spray guns by professional painters or production line operations.  Leak proof Thiokol (poly sulfide) gasket compatible with most materials.  All tanks feature pressure regulator and gauge, bleeder valve, ASME safety valve, 3/8" MPT paint line connector, 1/4" MPT air line connector. 

2-1/2 gallon tank. Deep drawn seamless design of these galvanized steel tanks prevents potential leakage problems associated with welded units.  Light-weight with die cast lid and four clamp-on lugs.  Tank exterior protected from impact damage by plastic sleeve.  Accepts 1 gallon paint tank.  Max. working pressure: 50 PSI.

sure shot

Pressure sprayers for economical bulk spraying in industrial, commercial, farm and home applications.  Sprays lubricants, coatings, solvents and pesticides. Provides controlled, uniform spraying action to ensure better coverage than material mixed with aerosol propellants.  All models are refillable and re-useable. Equipped with tire valve stem filler cap for use with standard air compressor tire chuck or tire pump.  Comes in one quart and 6 oz models.  One quart models have interchangeable spray jets for general purpose mist and pin stream spraying.  The 6 oz model has all-purpose mist spray that converts to pin stream.  All units are rated up to 200 PSI.

Part # 2Z857 has steel canister with red enamel finish.  It is used for oil based and non-corrosive material spraying.

Part #'s. 2Z858 & 2Z859 are chrome-plated brass for extra resistance to corrosives.  Used with water and oil based and other types of solutions requiring corrosion-resistant materials.

Part # Capacity Canister Construction Height Diameter
2Z857 1 Qt. Red Enameled Steel 9" 4-1/4"
2Z858 1 Qt. Chrome-Plated Brass 9" 4-1/4"
2Z859 6 Oz. Chrome-Plated Brass 6-1/4" 2-1/4"

air brush

  • Spray enamels, Lacquers, Acrylics, Inks and Dyes.
  • Adapt to Most Air Systems.
  • Resist Solvents and Paint Chemicals.
  • Lifetime Self-Lubricating Teflon Needle Bearing

air brush

Part # 4Z153

Professional Air Brush Set

For large-project spraying or retouching of small areas.  This double action, non-bleeder, siphon feed air brush controls air and material flow separately.  Has adjustment for setting and maintaining pattern.  Used by automotive refinisher's, van painters, artists industrial and mechanical illustrators and photo retouchers.

Air brush tip has medium opening for fine detailing; sprays 1/4" line to 1-1/4" spray pattern.  Easily handles thinned down lacquers and enamels. Precision brushed aluminum construction.  Self-lubricating feature of Teflon needle bearing eliminates wear on needle and bearing.  Air adapts to most air system including compressors, CO2 tanks and aerosol propellant cans.  Operates on 15 to 50 PSI, normal operating pressure of 30 PSI. 1/4" NPT air line connection.

The Professional set includes the fine line air brush, attached 3/4 oz jar, protective cap, heavy duty head assembly and needle for heavy viscosity materials spraying, 1/4 oz color cup, 3/4 and 2 oz jars with covers, 8 ft. heavy duty braided air hose, 1/4" NPT adapter fitting, wrench, hanging bracket, instruction booklet and case.

air brushes

Part # 4Z151

General Purpose Air Brush Set

Designed for touch-up, arts and crafts, furniture refinishing, antiquing and other hobby activities.  Single action, non-bleeder, siphon feed internal air mix brush releases combination of air and paint at press of trigger.  Thorough atomization of the paint prevents over-spraying and provides smoother, more uniform coverage.  Simple needle adjustor on back of air brush handle controls spray pattern from 1/16" to 1-1/2".

One-piece trigger construction has no additional parts to break or wear, gives positive some control at all angles.  Brushed aluminum housing.  Self-lubricating feature of Teflon needle bearing eliminates wear on needle and bearing. Air brush resists solvents and paint chemicals. Adapts to most air systems including compressors, CO2 tanks and aerosol propellant cans.  Operates on 15 to 50 PSI, normal operating pressure of 30 PSI. 1/4" NPT air line connection.

The General Purpose set includes the fine line air brush, attached 3/4 oz jar, protective cap, 6 ft. lightweight vinyl air hose, propellant On-Off valve, three 3/4 oz jars with covers, 11 oz propellant can, wrench, 1/4" NPT adapter fitting and instructions manual.

engine cleaner

Part # EC

Ideal for cleaning automotive engines and machinery, parts, etc.
Sprays detergent, oil, cleaners, gasoline, trichlorethylene, mineral spirits and other solvents.

  • Nozzle Bore (mm):  3.0
  • Net Weight (g):  400
  • Chrome plated extension nozzle:  9"
  • Synthetic fluid hose:  6'


Part # 6W615

  • 60 LB Hopper With Gun requires a minimum of 3.5 CFM of air at 40 PSI.
  • Maximum operating pressure is 100 PSI


Part # 6W616

  • 120 LB Hopper with Gun requires a minimum of 3.5 CFM or air at 40 PSI.
  • Maximum operating pressure is 100 PSI.
  • Comes with 8" wheels and convenient pull handle for maneuverability at job site.

Lightweight sandblasting kits are used for removing rust, scale, paint and dirt from metals, wood and bricks as well as for etching glass and stone.  Use with any sand blast media.

All models include spray gun with ceramic nozzle. 15 feet of material hose included.  Spray gun easily converts from bleeder to non-bleeder spraying.  Hoppers also include a screen that clips-on to top opening to sift the sand blast media as well as a snap-lid to deter spillage and prevent debris from entering the hopper while blasting.  To ensure operator safety, use with face mask and respirator.


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