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OZAT IMPACT SOCKETS are especially designed for heavy-duty impact workload.  The highly accurate electro- chemical process enables the machining of any steel, regardless of its hardness and mechanical qualities.

While other manufacturers using conventional machining methods have to conventional machining methods have to compromise in choosing the metal, OZAT uses the most suitable impact-resistance steel.

OZAT IMPACT SOCKETS are distinguished by the contacts between the nut or bolt and the socket, being on the flank's center and not at the corners.  This prolongs the life of the sockets and fasteners, while leaving the corners of the sockets nuts and  bolts in their original shape.  Better power distribution is achieved by OZAT  flank-driven sockets, thus lowering tool wear.  Higher operating torques are accomplished, since power transfer has been taken away from critical points.

OZAT IMPACT SOCKETS are manufactured to AMERICAN FEDERAL SPECS GGG -W- 660, AMERICAN NATIONAL STD ANSI B107, DIN STANDARDS 3121 3129, but at much closer tolerances. Recent tests have shown that due to their special qualities Ozat Sockets last longer than any other brand known today. OZAT Sockets come in inch, metric and whit worth (Br.) sizes, from 3/8" to 3-1/2" square drive, No. 5 spine drive, all having black finish. Special orders for various socket sizes, shapes and quantities are custom-made to customer's specific requirements.

OZAT IMPACT SOCKETS are LIFETIME GUARANTEED except for thin wall sockets, accessories, bits and wrenches