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Valves & Fittings
F.C. Kingston
Brass Valves For Air & Liquid Applications

Pull or Squeeze lever

Figures 305A and 305B

Spring Loaded, Quick Opening Valves

Lever or actuator operated
1/4" - 1-1/4" FPT, Buna N seals
Available in Viton and or Teflon
Also available less lever
Air or liquid service
400 PSI Max.

Specify Pull or Squeeze lever
Below 150 PSI use 305A above 150 PSI use 305B

Quick opening valve

Quick Opening Valves


Quick Opening


Figures 254A and 257

Spring Loaded, Quick Opening Valves

Available with Buna N, Ethylene Propylene, Viton or Teflon seals
Also available as 3-way
Available with electroless nickel plating
Air or liquid service
150 PSI Max.

Air Jack Valve


Air Jack Valve


Air Jack Valve


Air Jack Valve


Figures 292, 294A, 296 & 298

Air Jack Valves

3-Port 2-step for single acting cylinders or rams
1/4" FPT
Includes a 1/8 NPT Inflator Valve (292, 294A & 296 only)
200 PSI Max
For automotive lifting equipment and other uses

Air Jack Valve

"Dead-man" type lever

Figures 302 & 303

Hoist Control Valves

1/2" FPT.
Single acting cylinders or rams.
Air service, limited hydraulic service.
Buna N seals
"Dead-man" type lever (303)
Available with locking lever (302)

Air Jack Valve

Locking lever

F.C. Kingston is a 97-year-old "new" company.
The F.C. Kingston Quality System is ASME certified.
F.C. Kingston is known for high performance, high quality valves.
F.C. Kingston's manufacturing capabilities are built upon automated specialized equipment.