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Control Valves

Foot Valve

Foot Control Valve and Guard

Part # 62

Rugged, foot-operated, three way air valve for instant hand-free operation
of innumerable air devices. Easy action pedal, remains in open
or closed position without constant foot pressure.
1/4" NPT Female ports equipped with 1/4" male hose fitting connectors.

3 way valve

Air Valve Assembly

Part # 63

Three way air valve without foot or hand operating mechanism.
Ideal for mounting on special installations for various air controlled equipment
applications. 1/4" NPT hose fitting connectors. 
Hardened steel operating valve plunger, spring return, for cam operation.

finger valve

Fingertip Valve

Part # 74

Rapid, "finger tip" action,  three way air valve.
Provides fast action for air cylinders up to 6" bore. 1/4" NPT.
Female ports equipped with 1/4" Male hose fitting connector.
Base plate equipped with mounting holes for easy attachment to
bench top or machine.  Mount in series for safety setups.

hand valve

Hand Valve

Part # 75

"Quick Action" hand operated three way air valve for fast hand operation
of air cylinders. Air Valve will remain in open or closed position,
without constant hand pressure.
1/4" NPT Female ports equipped with 1/4" Male hose fitting connectors.
Base plate has mounting holes for easy attachment to bench top or machine.

4 way valve

4 Way Foot Valve

Part # 6X367

4-way, 2 position, direct operated, spring return, spool-poppet foot valve for use with air cylinders. Mechanism is pneumatically balanced with actuation free from effect of line pressure.
Can be operated as 2-way or 3-way, open or closed center. 1.6Cv*. 0 to 150 PSI operating pressure. Can be used for vacuum service to 28" Hg.

3/8" NPT ports are easily ported down for use with 1/8 or 1/4" systems. All valve parts are corrosion resistant. Poppet in the valve is integral with spool, which is only moving part.  Spool and stainless steel return spring can be removed from valve body through the top.  In normal (spring returned) position, port A is connected to port 02 and port B is connected to port 01. When actuated, port A is connected to port 01 and port B is connected to port 02.

3 position valve

4 Way Hand Valve

Part # 6X366

4 way, 3-position, rotary disc, hand control air valve to operate single or double acting cylinders.  Forged bronze disc and cast iron surface are ground and lapped to provide leak proof seal. Air pressure from  inlet port is confined beneath disc, making seal tighter
as pressure increases, yet only requires 15 lbs. of force to move lever at 100 PSI line pressure.
2.55 average Cv*.O to 150 PSI operating pressure. Handle comes disassembled and mounts in any of four positions, 90° apart to meet any operator or machine requirements.

3/8" NPT ports can be easily reduced to 1/8" or 1/4" operation.
* Coefficient of volume: The amount of water in GPM at standard conditions (60° F, specific gravity = 1) which will pass through the valve at full open with a 1 PSI pressure drop.)


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