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Coilhose Pneumatics


The In-line Series of filters, regulators and lubricators is an economical way to operate, protect and maintain your air tools. These devices are supplied with female inlet and male outlet threads for easy point-of-use installation.

Aluminum body
60 micron sintered filter element removes most contaminants with minimum pressure drop

Part # Port Size
4021 1/8"
4022 1/4"
4023 3/8"

adjustable regulator

Adjustable In-Line Pressure regulator 4214-ADJ is designed to provide pressure control for intermittently operated pneumatic tools such as nailers and staplers.
Specially designed locking feature holds required pressure setting even in high vibration applications.

Allows pneumatic tools to operate at peak efficiency by providing the required air pressure.
Prevents internal tool damage caused by over pressurization.
Adjustable pressure settling allows use with various tools and applications.
Provides a mobile alternative to bulkier air pressure regulators.
1/4" FPT inlet and 1/4" MPT outlet make installation quick and easy.

Part # Port Size
4214-ADJ 1/4"

In-Line Air Flow Regulators


in-line regulator

Aluminum body
Available with or without 1 1/2" dial gauge

Part # Port Size
4002 1/4"
4012G 1/4"
4003 3/8"

4012G Unit supplied with 1 1/2" dial gauge 0-160 psi.
Replacement gauge Part # MG12160


Allows pneumatic tools to work at peak efficiency by distributing a measured amount of oil mist with each cycle.
Avoids corrosion and condensation buildup due to lack of proper lubrication and lengthens the life of the tool.
Saves money by diminishing down time of pneumatic equipment as well as eliminating the cost of larger, more expensive lubricating devices.
Ideal application include staplers, nailer, screwdrivers, drills, impact wrenches and any other small to medium size intermittently operated pneumatic tools requiring lubrication.
Built-in filtration screen prevents contaminants from entering the lubricant reservoir.
Maximum inlet pressure is 150 psi.
5cc lubricant capacity

Part # Port Size
40014 1/4"
40038 3/8"