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Coilhose Pneumatics


Although the best coupling performance is achieved by matching couplers and connectors of the same "type", the Coilhose Pneumatics® Automatic Universal Couplers satisfy connection requirements with the three most popular 1/4" interchange connectors; Industrial, Automotive and Aro.

One hand push to connect operation provides quick and easy hook-up to air supply
Take the guesswork out of identifying and matching various interchanges
Reduces inventory requirements by eliminating the need to stock three different couplers to accommodate the three most popular 1/4" interchanges

All brass body and sleeve construction makes this coupler universally accepted for use in corrosive industrial environments. Other construction features include:


Four hardened steel locking balls
Brass valve and valve body
Stainless steel valve and sleeve springs
Nitrile (Buna-N) seals and O-rings
150 psi Pressure Rating
-40° F to +250° F Operating Temperature
4 Ball Locking Device

Part # Thread Size
150U 1/4" FPT
152U 1/4" MPT


Coilflow Automatic Safety Exhaust Couplers 1/4" Series


The Automatic Safety Exhaust "SE" Series Couplers will not release the connector until the down stream air is completely bled off. This eliminates the possibility of injury from whipping hose that was disconnected before the downstream air was released.

Our "SE" Series is designed to accept any1/4" body industrial (ML-C4109) Interchange connector. Unlike other similar designs that require twisting or turning to connect and disconnect, our "SE" Series is very easy to operate.


Being automatic design, all you do is push the 1/4" body Industrial Interchange (Coilhose Type "15") connector into the coupler. The coupler sleeve will then snap forward, locking the connector in place for a safe, secure and leak free connection.


Pulling the coupler sleeve back will release the first lock and close the coupler valve. At the same time, air pressure forces the connector into a second locking system. Now, the connector cannot come free from the coupler until air in the line is completely bled off. Only after the trapped air is completely bled off. Only after the trapped air is completely exhausted from the line can the coupler sleeve be pulled back a second time. This will release the second lock and allow a safe uncoupling without the danger of whipping hoses.


225 psi Pressure Rating
-40° F to +250° F Operating Temperature
2.250" Length
1.125" Diameter
6 oz. Weight


Nickel Plated Steel Body
Nickel Plated Hardened Steel Sleeve
Nickel Plated Brass Thread Area
Brass Valve
Stainless Steel Springs
Stainless Steel Balls
AISI301 Pins
Buna-N Seals

Part # Thread Size
150SE 1/4" FPT
151SE 3/8" FPT
152SE 1/4" MPT
155SE 3/8" MPT


Coilflow Contractor Water Hose Couplers

water coupler

The Contractors Water Hose Series allows water hoses to be connected and disconnected quickly and easily. Maximum water flow and minimum pressure drop are assured through its unvalved design, making it ideal for equipment and machine wash down systems, water tank lines and garden hose applications.


Four ball locking mechanism provides a safe and sure connection.
Durable brass and stainless steel construction makes it suitable for heavy duty use.
Nitrile (Buna-N) washer seal allows leak-free operation over a wide temperature range.
3/4" Body Size
3/4" - 11 1/2" NH Thread Size
200 psi Pressure Rating
-40° F to +250° F Operating Temperature
Brass Body
Stainless Steel Spring
Stainless Steel Locking Balls
Buna-N Seal

Part # Description
100K Coupler and Connector
100 Coupler
1001+ Connector
101W Washer (replacement only)