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Coilhose Pneumatics

The Coilhose Pneumatic® 600 and 700 Series Blow Guns are manufactured from high quality chrome plated castings to withstand the rigors of industrial use.
Available as lever operated type (600 Series) or pistol grip type (700 Series) with over 20 tips to  choose from.

Features and Benefits

Non corrosive heavy wall, yet lightweight construction assures long life in rugged industrial environments while easing user fatigue.
All brass internal components assure rust free operation.
Both lever operated type (600 Series) and pistol grip type (700 Series) are supplied with 1/4" NPT female inlet thread and 1/8" NPT female outlet thread.
Venturi holes increase air volume and allow air to escape if nozzle is dead-ended, thus preventing back pressure buildup.

"S" suffix (safety) blow guns conform to:
U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA Standard 1910.242(B) allowing less than 30 psi outlet pressure at the nozzle when dead-ended.
U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA Standard 1910.95 regulating occupational noise level exposure.
Title 41, Walsh-Healy Rules and Regulations P50-204.8 Safety and Health Standards.
Convenient hook design near nozzle permits easy storage as well as provides finger protections.

600 Series Body Die Cast Zinc (Chrome Panel)
700 Series Body Die Cast Aluminum (Chrome Plated)
Nozzle Brass
Thumb Grip (600 Series) Vinyl
Handle (700 Series) Vinyl
Internal Components Brass
Pressure Rating 150 psi
Operating Temp 32° F to 175° F

The Coilhose Pneumatic "600" style lever operated blow gun is ergonomically designed to fit the contour of the user's hand.  This minimizes fatigue and discomfort.  As a result, the user is allowed a wider range of motion and more accurate blow-off control.

Some of the features include:

  • Our " Beefy" operating lever perfectly fits the shaper of the thumb and is angled to accommodate its natural position, making repetitive blow gun use less tiresome.
  • Large vinyl thumb grip provides additional user comfort.
  • A well defined "stop" indicates that the lever is fully depressed, further reducing use stress.
  • Replaceable brass tip, not just a drilled casting.
  • Properly sized hook combines better finger protection and easy storage.
  • Four (4) self-lubricating "0"rings prevent valve leakage, making blow gun repairs unnecessary.
  • The area at the bottom of the blow gun is recessed to perfectly fit the user's fingers, allowing a firm, yet relaxed grip.

Coilhose Pneumatics 700 Series Blow Guns are manufactured from high quality chrome plated castings to withstand the rigors of  industrial use.  The pistol grip design assures user comfort even during long term use.  Worker fatigue is minimized with a trigger type operating mechanism.

  • Extra wide hanging hook provides additional finger protection.
  • Vinyl handle covering increases user comfort while allowing a more positive grip.
  • Available with a wide selection of specialty tips to fit any application.
  • Heavy wall construction gives it the feel of a high quality tool.
pistol blow gun

saftey tip
non saftey
811 (Steel)
822 (Nylon)
833 (Horsehair)
rubber tip
STFF06 (6")
STFF12 (12")
ST203 (3")
ST206 (6")
ST208 (8")
ST210 (10")
ST212 (12")
ST216 (16")
ST224 (24")
ST236 (36")

Lever Operated
Part #
Pistol Type
Part #
Replacement Tip
Part #
Tip Description
600-S 700-S ST10 Safety (Standard)
600-ST - - Safety (Tamper-proof)
600-SB 700-SB ST11 Safety (Booster)
600-SS 700-SS ST12 Safety (Shield)
601 701 SAT13 Rubber
602 702 SAT14 Siphon
605 705 SAT15 Brass
603-S 703-S ST203 3"  Safety Extension
606-S 706-S ST206 6" Safety Extension
608-S 708-S ST208 8" Safety Extension
610-S 710-S ST210 10" Safety Extension
612-S 712-S ST212 12" Safety Extension
616-S 716-S ST216 16" Safety Extension
618-S 718-S ST218 18" Safety Extension
624-S 724-S ST224 24" Safety Extension
630-S 730-S ST230 30" Safety Extension
636-S 736-S ST236 36" Safety Extension
600-FF06 - STFF06 6" Safety Flexible Ext.
600-FF12 - STFF12 12" Safety Flexible Ext.
801 - 811 Steel Brush
802 - 822 Nylon Brush
803 - 833 Horsehair Brush

Coilhose has the blow gun to fit every need!
Unlike other manufacturers, we use separate flow tips on all our die cast body blow guns


Brass Safety Tip

Designed for maximum safety and efficiency, concentrated air stream
is ideal for chip or foreign blow-offs.

non saftey

Brass Tip (Non-safety)

Vent less tip provides most-economical means of achieving a concentrated
air stream for many blow-off applications.



Tamper-proof Safety Blow Gun features a tip that is permanently
attached to the body, assuring user safety. Internal valve and tip combine
to keep outlet pressure below 30 psi (at 150 psi maximum inlet pressure)
while air flow is maximized, resulting in a safe, efficient and economical blow gun.

rubber tip

Rubber Tip

Ideal for blowing out molds or any other delicate
surface where brass tips might damage.


Safety Air Booster

Multiple venture holes maximize
air volume while conforming to OSHA standards.


Safety Shield

Substantially reduces dangerous chip and dust fly-back by providing an
air shield around the main stream of air


600-FF06 & 600-FF12
Safety Flex Tip

6" and 12" flexible neoprene tips designed for easy access hard to reach area.
These tips can be bent to any position and will remain that way.


801, 802 & 803
Brush Tip

Steel, Nylon and horsehair tips combine the cleaning capabilities of a brush
and blow gun into a single unit


Siphon Tip

Supplied with eight feet of clear polyvinyl tubing for spraying
solvents, cleaners or mold releases.


Extension Tip

Available in 3",6", 8", 10", 12", 16", 18", 24", 30" and 36" lengths
for longer reach into tight places.

Part # Safety Blow Gun , Hose and Brush Kits
600-N12A 600-S Blow Gun and N14-12A Coilhose
600-N25A 600-S Blow Gun and N14-25A Coilhose
810K Blow Gun with Brush Kit (includes one each: steel, nylon and horsehair brush)
820K Blow Gun with Brush and N14-25A Coilhose

Our Button Operated Series of Blow Guns feature a compact design and an economical alternative to the lever operated and pistol grip types.
Their distinctive black polyurethane epoxy finish sets them apart from other blow guns and assures long term protection against corrosion.
Rugged construction makes them stand up to rough handling.

blow gun

Brass Safety Tip

air duster

Rubber Tip

air blower

Brass Tip (Non-safety)

This is the blow gun that professionals can use with pride!

saftey blow gun

Our 600 Series Premium Blow Guns feature tough zinc die cast bodies that are made to last in even the harshest environments.
A distinctive flat back powder coat finish and nickel plated tips combine for an attractive appearance as well as superior corrosion resistance.
The ergonomic design of the body and large operating lever reduce user fatigue and discomfort, even during long term use.

Part # Replacement Tip
Part #
600P-S ST10N Standard Safety
603P-S ST203 3" Safety Extension
606P-S ST206 6" Safety Extension
608P-S ST208 8" Safety Extension
610P-S ST210 10" Safety Extension
612P-S ST212 12" Safety Extension
616P-S ST216 16" Safety Extension
618P-S ST218 18" Safety Extension
624P-S ST224 24" Safety Extension
630P-S ST230 30" Safety Extension
636P-S ST236 36" Safety Extension
602P SAT14 Siphon


The Coilhose Cannon® provides the user with up to 135 cfm of air flow.
The Cannon® is a safer alternative to the field expedient ball valve and pipe often seen on job sites.
The Cannon® features an assisted trigger that activates with little pull weight, and will shut off in the event the gun is dropped.
The Single Nozzle Cannon® provides a more concentrated airstream that will remove debris from cracks and corners.
Note: Uses compressed air from tow-behind compressors.
Compressor must replenish its tanks @ 40 CFM or greater.
Recommended inlet pressure: At least 90 PSI and a hose I.D. of at least 1/2"

  • Delivers up to 135 cfm
  • 3/4" npt inlet
  • Air Assisted Trigger
  • Single Nozzle concentrates air, perfect for cleaning cracks
  • Multi-Jet delivers air over a broad area

9400 Standard Tip

Cannon standard tip

9700 Multi Jet Tip

Cannon Multi jet tip


Cannon blow gun


Cannon multi jet tip blow gun


Cannon blow gun


Cannon multi jet tip blow gun


Cannon blow gun


Cannon multi jet tip blow gun

The Typhoon is one of Coilhose’s most powerful blow gun, delivering up to 51 CFM and over three pounds o f thrust at 125 PSI.
The Typhoon is ideal for heavy-duty clean-up and blow-off, and its light weight and sleek design make this gun a favorite.
The Typhoon meets or exceeds OSHA regulations, and features a variable flow trigger for controlled blow-off.

High Flow! Maximum Power!



  • Comes standard with High Flow Tip
  • 34 CFM at 125 PSI
  • 2.1 lbs. of Thrust
Inlet 1/4" NPT
Weight 6.2 oz
Sound Level at 125 PSI (Db) 85
Length 10.5"
Width 5.75"
Height 2.125"



  • Comes standard with Multi-Jet Tip
  • 51 CFM at 125 PSI
  • 3.1 lbs. of Thrust
Inlet 3/8" NPT
Weight 6.2 oz
Sound Level at 125 PSI (Db) 80
Length 10.5"
Width 5.75"
Height 2.125"
750-S Blow Gun

Coilhose Pneumatics Extended Nozzle Pistol Grip Blow Gun combines the comfort of a pistol grip handle with the ease of use of a smaller lightweight blow gun.
This industrially rugged blow gun in an economical solution to many tough application problems. 

Some of the features include:

Slender 4" extended nozzle allows access to hard to reach places and holes as small as .200"
Variable output trigger enables user to control air flow
Hook design near trigger provides finger protection as well as easy storage.
Lightweight to help minimize user fatigue.
Side holes allow air to escape if nozzle tip is dead-ended, thus preventing back pressure buildup