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Bench Grinding Wheels
Type 1 - Bench Grinding Wheels

General Purpose Grinding Wheels for Bench & Pedestal Grinders

bench grinding wheel

Series "BG" Aluminum Oxide - Vitrified Bond

Inches Metric 24 Grit 30 Grit 36 Grit 46 Grit 60 Grit 80 Grit Maximum
5x1/2x1 125 x12.7x25.4   BG50B   BG50D BG50E   4,970
5x3/4x1 125x19x25.4   BG51B   BG51D BG51E   4,970
5x1x1 125x25.4x25.4   BG52B   BG52D BG52E   4,970
6x1/2x1 150x12.7x25.4   BG60B BG60C BG60D BG60E BG60F 4,150
6x3/4x1 150x19x25.4   BG61B BG61C BG61D BG61E BG61F 4,150
6x1x1 150x25.4x25.4   BG62B BG62C BG62D BG62E BG62F 4,150
7x3/4x1 180x19x25.4   BG70B BG70C BG70D BG70E BG70F 3,600
7x1x1 180x25.4x25.4   BG71B BG71C BG71D BG71E BG71F 3,600
7x1 1/4x1 180x32x25.4   BG72B BG72C BG72D BG72E BG72F 3,600
8x3/4x1 200x19x25.4 BG80A BG80B BG80C BG80D BG80E BG80F 3,600
8x1x1 200x25.4x25.4 BG81A BG81B BG81C BG81D BG81E BG81F 3,600
8x1-1/4x1 200x32x25.4 BG82A BG82B BG82C BG82D BG82E BG82F 3,600
10x1x1-1/4 250x32x32 BG100A   BG100C BG100D BG100E   2,485
10x1-1/4x1-1/4 250x32x32 BG101A   BG101C BG101D BG101E   2,485
10x1-1/4x1-1/2 250x32x40 BG102A   BG102C BG102D BG102E   2,485
10x1-1/2x1-1/4 250x40x32 BG103A   BG103C BG103D BG103E   2,485
10x1-1/2x1-1/2 250x40x40 BG104A   BG104C BG104D BG104E   2,485
10x2x1-1/2 250x50x40 BG105A   BG105C BG105D BG105E   2,485
12x1x1-1/2 300x25.4x40 BG120A   BG120C BG120D BG120E   2,070
12x1-1/2x1-1/2 300x40x40 BG121A   BG121C BG121D BG121E   2,070
12x2x1-1/2 300x50x40 BG122A   BG122C BG122D BG122E   2,070
14x2x1-1/2 350x50x40 BG140A   BG140C BG140D BG140E   1,775
16x2x1-1/2 400x50x40 BG160A   BG160C BG160D BG160E   1,570


Series "BGC" - Green Silicon Carbide - Vitrified Bond

Inches Metric 60 Grit 80 Grit 100 Grit 120 Grit Maximum
6x1/2x1 150x12.7x25.4 BGC60E BGC60F BGC60G BGC60H 4,150
6x3/4x1 150x19x25.4 BGC61E BGC61F BGC61G BGC61H 4,150
6x1x1 150x25x25.4 BGC62E BGC62F BGC62G BGC62H 4,150
7x1/2x1 175x12.7x25.4 BGC70E BGC70F BGC70G BGC70H 3,600
7x3/4x1 175x19x25.4 BGC71E BGC71F BGC71G BGC71H 3,600
7x1x1 175x25.4x25.4 BGC72E BGC72F BGC72G BGC72H 3,600
7x1-1/4x1 175x32x25.4 BGC73E BGC73F BGC73G BGC73H 3,600
8x3/4x1 200x19x25.4 BGC80E BGC80F BGC80G BGC80H 3,600
8x1x1 200x25.4x25.4 BGC81E BGC81F BGC81G BGC81H 3,600
8x1-1/4x1 200x32x25.4 BGC82E BGC82F BGC82G BGC82H 3,600
10x1x1-1/4 250x25.4x25.4 BGC100E BGC100F BGC100G BGC100H 2,485
10x1x3 250x25.4x75 BGC101E BGC101F BGC101G BGC101H 2,485
10x1-1/4x1-1/4 250x32x32 BGC102E BGC102F BGC102G BGC102H 2,485
10x1-1/2x1-1/4 250x40x32 BGC103E BGC103F BGC103G BGC103H 2,485
12x1x1-1/4 300x25.4x32 BGC120E BGC120F BGC120G BGC120H 2,070
12x1-1/2x1-1/4 300x40x32 BGC121E BGC121F BGC121G BGC121H 2,070
12x2x1-1/4 300x50x32 BGC122E BGC122F BGC122G BGC122H 2,070
14x2x1-1/4 350x50x32 BGC140E BGC140F BGC140G BGC140H 1,775

Nestled shaft bushings available from 1/2" to 1 1/4"


Safety Warning:
Grinding Wheels Improperly Used Are Dangerous See C.S.A. Safety Code B173.5
Use Safety Guard On Tools And Use Safety Goggle