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Why Injection Lubrication

In many cases, conventional air line lubricators cannot supply adequate lubrication to tools, cylinders, etc.  This is due to many factors such as long distances between tool and lubricator, intermittent flow, and complex piping. Watts Injection Lubricators are designed to deliver precise amounts of oil directly to the point of lubrication as required.  To ensure proper lubrication, our injection lubrication products and accessories are available to cover a wide range of applications.

Standard Features:

Oil supply pressure range: Gravity feed to 30 psig max. (2.0 BAR)
Oil viscosity range: 150-1200 S.S.U.
Minimum airflow for operation: 5.0 SCFM
Oil delivery range: 0.1 to 0.5 drops/cycle/module
Pressure drop: less than 5 psig at 100.0 SCFM
Module body: Aluminum
Seals: Buna-N

Additional Features:

Add suffix letter to the product number

Button fill fitting - Q (example: L50-04Q) or order as accessory part number SA606Y107

Cycle Counter L50 Model

1 pulse every 12 cycles - N0 (example: L50-04N0)
1 pulse every 24 cycles - N1 (example: L50-04N1)
1 pulse every 48 cycles - N2 (example: L50-04N2)
1 pulse every 96 cycles - N3 (example: L50-04N3)
1 pulse every 192 cycles - N4 (example: L50-04N4)

Cycle Counter -PL50M Model

Use the same suffix as for L50 model, except add an additional letter to identify the location of the counter within the stack.
The next number represents the number of modules below the counter.

For Example , a 6 module unit with 192 cycle counter between modules 3&4 would be:

P L 5 0 M 6 N 4 3
Unit Modules Type of counter Counter location

Pulse generator - L50 or L50R Model only - G
Visible indicator - Model PL50 - V

Part # Kits
RKL50MD Sight dome end repair kit for PL50 MV option
RKL50SD Sight dome end repair kit for L50
KL50M Module kit for L50
KPL50M Module kit for multipoint PL50
KPL50MV Module kit for multipoint PL50 with visible indicator


1/8" NPT x 1/8" Tube Connector
Part # SAL50Y139

1/8" NPT button-head fill fitting
Part # SA606Y107

1/8" NPT male ball check to 1/8"
Capillary tubing connection
Part # SA606Z26

25ft. 1/8" capillary tubing pre-charged
Part # SA606X71-1

50ft. 1/8" capillary tubing pre-charged
Part # SA606Y71-1

9 Oz. polycarbonate bowl kit
Part # BKL50A


1-Quart polycarbonate bowl kit
Part # BKL50B


2-Quart polycarbonate bowl kit
Part # BKL50C


Reservoirs shown above include mounting bracket and oil feed hose with quick disconnect.  For reservoir only repeat last letter, for example BKL50AA.


injection lubricator


injetion lubricator


injection lubricator

Part # Port Size Sensor Body Temperature Range Pressure Range
L50-04 1/2" Zinc 40° - 120° F 40 psig min to 100 psig max.
L50-06 3/4" Zinc 40° - 120° F 40 psig min to 100 psig max.
L50-04R 1/2" Zinc with integral 10 Oz. reservoir 40°- 120°F 40 psig min to 100 psig max.
F50-06R 3/4" Zinc with integral 10 Oz. reservoir 40°- 120° F 40 psig min to 100 psig max.
PL50M* 1/4" Aluminum 40°- 120° F 40 psig min to 150 psig max.

* Number if modules in stack, up to 10. For example:

PL50M1 1 module
PL50M5 5 module stack
PL50M10 10 module stack

Due to the fact that we are continuously improving our products, the descriptions, illustrations,
specifications,dimensions, and part numbers are subject to change without notice.
Every effort has been made to have the information on this site error free, we can not be responsible for errors and or omissions.

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