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Durable, Handy Spot Welders provide the advantages of resistance welding in a light weight, compact tool.

Ideally Suited for Sheet Metal Shops, sign manufacturers, production lines, truck and auto body shops, farm implement work, heating and air conditioning contractors.

Multi-Pressure Lever Draws Tongs Together.  Locks them firmly on material and provides positive, accurate pressure until work is welded.  Lifting lever releases pressure and opens tongs.  Adjustment for various thickness of materials can be quickly and easily made.

Natural Position Handle threads into either side of welder, enables operation to operate right or left-handed.

Burnout-Prod Transformer is wound with high-temperature resistant, glass insulated magnet wire.  High grade electrical silicon steel core.

Part # 2Z543 Welder Operated on 115v, 60 Hz and requires 30 amp fused branch circuit.  Welds mild and stainless up to 1/8" combined thickness or two pieces of 20 gauge galvanized. CSA certified.

Part # 4Z425 Welder Operated on 230v, 60 Hz and requires 30 amp fused branch circuit.  Welds mild and stainless up to 3/16" combined thickness or two pieces of 16 gauge galvanized. CSA certified.

Important: Welders Not For Use on Copper or Aluminum

Note: Tongs sold separately.


5A345 -12"
5A346 -18"

Portable Spot Welder Specifications
Part # Volts Work Capacity
Combined Thickness Mild Steel
Rated Current Output
at 50% Duty Cycle
Open Circuit
Fuse Amps L W H
2Z543 115 1/8" 1.5 KVA 1.6 30 23# 4" 6"
4Z425 230 3/16" 2.5 KVA 2.5 30 26 4" 6"


Spot Welder Floor Stand Part # 2Z581

For use with above spot welder, Spring-loaded foot control for high speed, repetitive production welding.
Pressure on foot pedal closes welding tongs, releasing pressure opens tongs.
Stand pressure 34" H x 7" W x 18" D.
T-floor board measures 34" L x 18" W x 5/8"T. 
Shipped unassembled.


Replacement Spot Welder Tips Part # 2Z545

Tips are made of long wearing RWMA Class 2 alloy, Contour permits easy "dressing" and adds to life of the tip.

Sold in pairs only.


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