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Airtek Industrial Blind Riveting Tools


Part # DX-11


Part # DX-12


Part # DX-13


Part #'s SDX-2 / SDX-5

SDX Kits contain a versatile DX manual tool and a variety of blind rivets in a handy plastic carrying case.


Part # DX-2


Part # DX-5

A full line of rugged , light weight high production tools from 3/32" to 1/4" capacity blind rivets. Robust and well balanced for easy and rapid installation of blind rivets.

Simple one shot operation:

1 - Drill Hole
2 - Insert rivet
3 - Apply Tool
4 - Actuate Tool

All tools are supplied with a variety of nosepieces conveniently screwed into the handles.
Nosepieces supplied represent the complete range of the tool. Compressed air supply of 85 to 100 PSI is required for the Air tools.

Part # Tool Type Maximum Capacity of Riveting Tools by Rivet Diameter and Material
3/32" ø 1/8" ø 5/32" ø 3/16" ø 1/4" ø
DX-2 Manual A,S A,S A,S A  
DX-5 Manual A,S A,S A,S A  
DX-11 Air A,S,SS A,S,SS A,S A  
DX-12 Air A,S,SS A,S,SS A,S,SS A,S  
SDX-2 Kit A,S A,S A,S A  
SDX-5 Kit A,S A,S A,S A

A = Aluminum
S = Steel
SS = Stainless Steel

Note: These tools are subject to stock availability


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