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combination wrench

American Fractional

Part # Size Finish
T4000 1/4 Chrome
T4005 5/16 Chrome
T4010 3/8 Chrome
T4015 7/16 Chrome
T4020 1/2 Chrome
T4025 9/16 Chrome
T4030 5/8 Chrome
T4035 11/16 Chrome
T4040 3/4 Chrome
T4045 13/16 Chrome
T4050 7/8 Chrome
T4055 15/16 Chrome
T4060 1" Chrome
T4065 1-1/16 Chrome
T4070 1-1/8 Chrome
T4072 1-3/16 Chrome
T4075 1-1/4 Chrome
T4080 1-5/16 Chrome
T4085 1-3/8 Chrome
T4090 1-7/16 Chrome
T4095 1-1/2 Chrome
T4097 1-9/16 Chrome
T4100 1-5/8 Chrome
T4105 1-11/16 Chrome
T4110 1-3/4 Chrome
T4115 1-13/16 Chrome
T4120 1-7/8 Chrome
T4122 1-15/16 Chrome
T4125 2" Chrome
T4126 2-1/16 Chrome
T4130 2-1/8 Chrome
T4131 2-3/16 Chrome
T4135 2-1/4 Chrome
T4137 2-5/16 Chrome
T4140 2-3/8 Chrome
T4142 2-7/16 Chrome
T4145 2-1/2 Chrome
CW2-9/16 2-9/16 Black
CW2-5/8 2-5/8 Black
CW2-11/16 2-11/16 Black
CW2-3/4 2-3/4 Black
CW2-13/16 2-13/16 Black
CW2-7/8 2-7/8 Black
CW2-15/16 2-15/16 Black
CW3 3" Black
CW3-1/16 3-1/16 Black
CW3-1/8 3-1/8 Black
CW3-3/16 3-3/16 Black
CW3-1/4 3-1/4 Black
CW3-5/16 3-5/16 Black
CW3-3/8 3-3/8 Black
CW3-7/16 3-7/16 Black
CW3-1/2 3-1/2 Black
CW3-9/16 3-9/16 Black
CW3-5/8 3-5/8 Black
CW3-11/16 3-11/16 Black
CW3-3/4 3-3/4 Black
CW3-13/16 3-13/16 Black
CW3-7/8 3-7/8 Black
CW3-15/16 3-15/16 Black
CW4 4" Black
CW4-1/16 4-1/16 Black
CW4-1/8 4-1/8 Black
CW4-3/16 4-3/16 Black
CW4-1/4 4-1/4 Black
CW4-5/16 4-5/16 Black
CW4-3/8 4-3/8 Black
CW4-1/2 4-1/2 Black
CW4-5/8 4-5/8 Black
CW4-3/4 4-3/4 Black
CW4-7/8 4-7/8 Black
CW5 5" Black
CW5-3/8 5-3/8 Black
CW5-5/8 5-5/8 Black
T4500 14 Pieces 1/4 to 1-1/4 Chrome


Part # Size Finish
T4200 7MM Chrome
T4205 8MM Chrome
T4210 9MM Chrome
T4215 10MM Chrome
T4220 11MM Chrome
T4225 12MM Chrome
T4230 13MM Chrome
T4235 14MM Chrome
T4240 15MM Chrome
T4245 16MM Chrome
T4250 17MM Chrome
T4255 18MM Chrome
T4260 19MM Chrome
T4265 20MM Chrome
T4270 21MM Chrome
T4275 22MM Chrome
T4280 23MM Chrome
T4285 24MM Chrome
CWM27 27MM Chrome
CWM30 30MM Chrome
CWM31 31MM Chrome
CWM32 32MM Chrome
CWM33 33MM Chrome
CWM34 34MM Chrome
CWM35 35MM Chrome
CWM36 36MM Chrome
CWM37 37MM Chrome
CWM38 38MM Chrome
CWM39 39MM Chrome
CWM40 40MM Chrome
CWM41 41MM Chrome
CWM42 42MM Chrome
CWM43 43MM Chrome
CWM44 44MM Chrome
CWM45 45MM Chrome
CWM46 46MM Chrome
CWM47 47MM Chrome
CWM48 48MM Chrome
CWM49 49MM Chrome
CWM50 50MM Chrome
CWM51 51MM Chrome
CWM52 52MM Chrome
CWM53 53MM Chrome
CWM54 54MM Chrome
CWM55 55MM Chrome
CWM56 56MM Chrome
CWM57 57MM Chrome
CWM60 60MM Chrome
CWM61 61MM Chrome
CWM64 64MM Chrome
CWM65 65MM Chrome
CWM68 68MM Chrome
CWM70 70MM Black
CWM75 75MM Black
CWM80 80MM Black
CWM85 85MM Black
CWM90 90MM Black
CWM95 95MM Black
CWM100 100MM Black
CWM105 105MM Black
CWM110 110MM Black
CWM115 115MM Black
CWM120 120MM Black
CWM130 130MM Black
CWM140 140MM Black
T4700 16 Pieces M7 to M24 except 20MM & 23MM Chrome
Adjustable Wrenches

Part # Size
T3000 6"
T3005 8"
T3010 10"
T3015 12"
T3020 15"
T3025 18"

Diagonal Cutter Pliers

Part # Size
T2030 6-1/2"
T2035 7-1/2"

Slip Joint Pliers

Part # Size
T2000 6"
T2005 8"
T2010 10"

Long Nose Pliers

Part # Size
T2015 6-1/2"
T2020 8"
Linesman Pliers

Part # Size
T2050 7"
T2055 8"

Groove Joint Pliers

Part # Size
T2060 8"
T2065 10"
T2070 12"
T2075 16"

Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

vise grip
Part # Size
T2080 5"
T2085 7"
T2090 10"

Long Nose Locking Pliers

locking plier
Part # Size
T2095 6"
T2100 9"

Straight Jaw Locking Pliers

lock jaw plier
Part # Size
T2120 7"
T2125 10"
Chain Clamp Locking Pliers

chain pliers
Part # Size
T2130 18"
T2131 18" Replacement Chain
T2132 18" Extension Chain

Flat Jaw Locking Pliers

flat jaw
Part # Size
T2135 10"

Welders Locking Pliers

welding pliers
Part # Size
T2137 10"

C-Clamp Locking Pliers

c clamp locking
Part # Size
T2150 11"

Hex Key Set

hex key
Part # Size
T5600 5/64" to 1/4"

Magnetic Torpedo Level

Part # Size
T5800 9"
Airtek actively stocks combination wrenches from small sizes to large sizes to the XL sizes in SAE and metric,
Our combination wrenches are available in stock from 1/4 to 5-5/8" or 7mm to 140 mm
If we don't have the size of combination wrench you are looking for we can have it made for you.

Due to the fact that we are continuously improving our products, the descriptions, illustrations,
specifications,dimensions, and part numbers are subject to change without notice.
Every effort has been made to have the information on this site error free, we can not be responsible for errors and or omissions.

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