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Part # K1

For Rivets 3/32 To 3/16
3/16 Aluminum Only


Part # K2

For Rivets 3/32 To 3/16
All Alloys


Part # K2A

For Rivets Rivets 3/32 To 3/16
All Alloys
With spring reversal levers


Part # K39

For Rivets 3/32 To 3/16
All Alloys


Part # K14

For Rivets 3/32 To 3/16
All Alloys


Part # K5/96

For Rivets 3/32 To 1/4
1/4 Aluminum Only


Part # K25+
(Old part # K20/95)

For Rivets 3/32 To 5/16
5/16 Aluminum Only

Long arm riveting tool

FarBolt ®, Magna-Lok ®, Monobolt ®
3/16 & 1/4


FAR is an Italian leader in the production of the widest range of fastening systems and gives continually correct solutions to the market needs.

For 50 years, FAR has been manufacturing high technology fasteners able to guarantee maximum efficiency and performance in service and quality. FAR sets the standard for all the companies that have need of high reliability in results.

FAR offers state-of-the-art, reliable fasteners and full technical service.

Due to the fact that we are continuously improving our products, the descriptions, illustrations,
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