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Needle Valve

Needle Valve

needle valve

Part # MPT MPT
NV4402 1/8" 1/8"
NV4404 1/4" 1/4"

Needle Valve

needle valve

Part # FPT MPT
NV4302 1/8" 1/8"
NV4304 1/4" 1/4"

Needle Valve

needle valve

Part # FPT FPT
NV3302 1/8" 1/8"
NV3304 1/4" 1/8"

Drain Cock
Internal Seat

drain cock

Part # MPT
ID02 1/8"
ID04 1/4"

ball valve

Part # Size (FPT)
21104 1/4"
21106 3/8"
21108 1/2"
21112 3/4"
21116 1"
21120 1-1/4"
21124 1-1/2"
21132 2"
21140+ 2-1/2"
21148 3"

Nickel plated brass full flow ball valves provide minimum pressure drop due to the full port design.  All internal passages are "in line" with piping and have larger than pipe size porting in the fully open position.

Nickel plated brass full flow ball valves can handle a full range of liquids
and gases from -45°F to 375°F.

Material Specifications:

  • Die Cast Aluminum Handle
  • Forged Brass Valve Body
  • Hard Chrome Plated Forged Brass Ball
  • Teflon (P.T.E.E.) Seals
  • Brass Stem

The safety excess flow check valve is designed to automatically shut off air flow upon a sudden break in the air line, thereby protecting personnel and property from "whipping" air hoses.


  • Allows full unrestricted flow of air while in normal (open) position
  • Meets OSHA safety regulations.
  • Automatically shuts off air flow in case of sudden air line break
  • Entire unit is corrosion free
  • Automatically re-sets itself after repair is made
  • Tamper-proof (unit is permanently sealed)

saftey excess flow check valve

Part # Port Size
SV802 1/4" FPT
SV803 3/8" FPT
SV804 1/2  FPT

Technical Data

Select the same nominal size safety check valve as the hose size leading to the respective air tool.  Air flow must be in the direction of the arrow marked on the safety check  valve.  A safety check valve should be installed for use before each air tool.

The actual length of hose from safety check valve to air tool must not exceed a certain length depending upon the inlet pressure.  The volume of air flow (CFM) through an air line will vary according to its length.  A longer line will offer more resistance to flow and thus reduce the volume. The length of the hose extending from the safety check valve to the air tool must, therefore, be limited to a certain length to insure sufficient flow to trigger the safety check valve in case of a break.


This unit is to be installed on compressed air lines leading to pneumatic tools.

Note: Nominal sizes of valve and connecting hose must be consistent. i.e. 1/4" valve to be used with 1/4" hose.

Caution: Do not reduce safety check valve with bushings for use with a smaller air line.  If this is done, there will not be sufficient CFM flow during a line break to shut off the air flow through the safety check valve.


The Conical Mufflers are easy to install, threading into the exhaust ports of air tools, valves, cylinders and other pneumatic equipment. They offer an economical method of reducing the noise levels below 90 dBA, conforming with OSHA standards.  The 40 micron sintered bronze element is bonded directly to the brass pip thread fittings.

NOTE.: These elements are not replaceable.

Part # MPT Overall Length Hex
CMF18 1/8" 29/32" 7/16"
CMF28 1/4" 1 1/4" 9/16"
CMF38 3/8" 1 9/16" 11/16"
CMF48 1/2" 1 3/16" 7/8"
CMF68 3/4" 2 1/8" 1 3/16"
CMF88 1" 2 7/8" 1 3/8"

Designed to meet the dual criteria of quality and economy, the patented Coilhose Muffler features an exclusive replaceable, washable oil-resistant sintered bronze element and solid-brass construction.  For use with air valve, air motors, tire changers and other pneumatic equipment, it effectively reduces noise levels to conform with OSHA Standards of below 90 dBA with minimal effect on air flow.  By minimizing noise pollution, the Coilhose Muffler help prevent impaired hearing and operator fatigue, a major cause of industrial accidents and inefficiency.  Coilhose Mufflers feature an easy to install hex shape.


Part # MPT Overall Length Hex
MF101 1/8" 1 27/64" 9/16"
MF102 1/4" 1 31/64" 9/16"
MF103 3/8" 2 9/64" 3/4"
MF104 1/2" 2 23/64" 7/8"

Part # Kit For
MF22 MF101 & MF102
MF23 MF103
MF24 MF104

When installed in the exhaust port of a pneumatic device, the muffler-speed control governs air flow accurately while effectively reducing exhaust noise.  Eliminates using separate speed control, air muffler and the required additional piping.


  • Speed control and noise reduction in one compact unit
  • Brass body with sintered bronze element
  • Knurled knob for ease of adjustment
  • Lock nut on stem prevents problem of back out or readjustment due to vibration
  • Brass stem is non-removable

Note: Flow and back pressure may change due to contamination of element.

Part # MPT
MF101S 1/8"
MF102S 1/4"
MF103S 3/8"
MF104S 1/2"

speed control


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