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Lockout Slide Valve

Lockout Slide Valves  allow air to flow through to downstream equipment in the open position.  When in the closed position, the line side shuts off the air from the compressor.  Air trapped on the load side is then bled off into the atmosphere, preventing the equipment from unexpectedly cycling even though the line is "shut off".  These valves can only be locked in the closed position.

This is an especially important feature when equipment or machinery is being worked on to avoid accidental start up which can cause injury to personnel.  The Lockout Side Valves can accommodate a lock with a shank size up to .145". Locks can be ordered separately.

Part # Description Inlet Outlet
BLSV02F02F Lockout Slide Valve 1/8" FPT 1/8" FPT
BLSV02F02M Lockout Slide Valve 1/8" FPT 1/8" MPT
BLSV04F04F Lockout Slide Valve 1/4" FPT 1/4" FPT
BLSV04F04M Lockout Slide Valve 1/4" FPT 1/4" MPT
BLSV06F04F Lockout Slide Valve 3/8" FPT 3/8" FPT
BLSV06F06M Lockout Slide Valve 3/8"FPT 3/8" MPT
BLSV-LCK Lock With (2) Keys    

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