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The CV500 Hose Crimper is furnished with mounting holes for permanent installations or it may be used as a portable tool for hose assembly in the field.
Crimps 1/4" to 3/8" ID hose in either 1 or 2 braid design.


Important!  Before attempting to operate the CV500, with the crimping arm in the closed position, set the adjusting screw so it just touches the end stop.
This screw should NEVER  be set tighter than this (It may be set looser if hose is oversize to avoid crimping too deeply.)


Part # CV500

To Operate:

Slip ferrule over hose.
Dip end of hose into soapy water for easier assembly.
Press insert into hose.
Center ferrule in selected opening and depress crimping arm fully.
Rotate hose a quarter turn and repeat to finish crimp.

The CV500 crimper has five built-in dies crimping.
Die sizes are as follows.

Die Half
Part #
Die Inside Diameter
CV500-DH1 0.630"
CV500-DH2 0.580"
CV500-DH3 0.530"
CV500-DH4 0.480"
CV500-DH5 0.680"
Optional Die Sets
CV500-DS7 0.437"
CV500-DS8 0.750"
CV500-DS9 0.812"
CV500-DS10 0.375"


The CV501 Large Diameter Hose Crimper is designed for use with 7/8" to 1-1/2" outside diameter (1/2" to 1" inside diameter) hose.
This crimper is sold without dies.
Select die set for the required hose size from table to the right.


Part # CV501

Each die set includes the two (2) die halves required to crimp a ferrule onto the hose.
Only one (1) die set can be loaded into the large diameter Hose Crimper at a time.

Part # Hose Outside Diameter
CV501-DS1 11/16"
CV501-DS2 23/32"
CV501-DS3 3/4"
CV501-DS4 25/32"
CV501-DS5 13/16"
CV501-DS6 27/32"
CV501-DS7 7/8"
CV501-DS8 29/32"
CV501-DS9 15/16"
CV501-DS10 31/32"
CV501-DS11 1"
CV501-DS12 1-1/32"
CV501-DS13 1-1/16"
CV501-DS14 1-1/8"
CV501-DS15 1-3/16"
CV501-DS16 1-1/4"
CV501-DS17 1-5/16"
CV501-DS18 1-3/8"
CV501-DS19 1-7/8"
CV501-DS20 1-1/2"


Hose Ferrules


Part # Ferrule ID Length Reference
HF7322 0.500" 1"  
HF7323 0.525" 1"  
HF3588 0.562" 3/4"  
HF7325 0.568" 1" R14
HF7326 0.593" 1"  
HF7327 0.625" 1"  
HF7328 0.656" 1" R516
HF7329 0.687" 1" H38
HF7330 0.718" 1" R38
HF7331 0.750" 1"  
HF7332 0.781" 1"  
HF7333 0.812" 1"  
HF7244 0.875" 7/8"  
HF5029 0.900" 7/8" R12
HF1275 1.257" 1-1/4" R34
HF1300 1.300" 1-1/4"  
HF1563 1.563" 1-1/8"  

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