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Ajax Chisels
Ajax Drill Chuck for Impact Wrench

impact wrench chuck

Chuck slips onto square spindle and transforms your impact wrench
into and efficient drilling tool.

Part # 1012     1/2" Chuck for 1/2" Square Drive

Part # 1014+     3/8" Chuck for 3/8" Square Drive

Ajax Mini Oiler

mini oiler

Part # 1070

Attaches directly to any air tool
1/4" Male x 1/4" Female NPT
Adjustable flow rate.
Holds 9 CC's of oil.

mini oiler

Part # 1071

High-impact plastic reservoir allows
operator to see when refill is necessary.

Ajax In-line Lubricators

Pressure-feed lubricators increase the life and productivity of your air tools and are easily installed on any air line, hose, compressor or air tool.
When the tool is started a momentary pressure drop occurs and back pressure forces a fog of oil into the air stream to the tool.
This operation repeats each time the tool is operated as long as the reservoir has oil.
This may be checked through the pressure-proof window or window cap.
The adjustable feeder allows you to set the lubricator valve for all climates and conditions.
Refilling is easy: just remove the manual relieving safety filler cap and fill the reservoir.


Part # 1066


Part # 1067


Part # 1068


Part # 1069

Part # Pipe Size Length Width Height Weight Oil Capacity Free Air Capacity
1066 1/2" NPT 4-1/2" 2-3/8" 2-13/16" 16 OZ 2.6 OZ 100 SCFM
1067 3/4" NPT 6" 2-7/8" 3-3/8" 26 OZ 5.3 OZ 175 SCFM
1068 3/4" NPT 7" 3-3/8" 3-11/16" 34 OZ 8 OZ 175 SCFM
1069 1" NPT 10" 3-7/8" 4-3/16" 70 OZ 16 OZ 350 SCFM
Ajax Air Regulators and Swivel Fittings


Part # 894

(CP # CA 085203)
For tools with 1⁄4" threaded inlet.
Spring loaded lock type arrangement
stays at your setting and restricts air flow
to suit your needs.


Part # 889 Brass
Part # 890 Aluminum

Increase or decrease pressure as needed.
1⁄4" Male x 1⁄4" Female NPT.

hose swivel

Part # 1094 1/4" NPT
Part # 1095 3/8" NPT

360° Swivel Hose fitting


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