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Wheel Dressers
Tool Room Dressing Sticks


dressing stick


wheel dresser


wheel dressor

Size Grit
Inch Metric
TRS1 TRS101 4x1/4 100 x 6.4 Fine
TRS2 TRS102 4x1/4 100 x 6.4 Medium
TRS3 TRS103 4x1/4 100x6.4 Coarse
TRS4 TRS104 4x3/8 100x9.5 Fine
TRS5 TRS105 4x3/8 100x9.5 Medium
TRS6 TRS106 4x3/8 100x9.5 Coarse
TRS7 TRS107 4x1/2 100x12.7 Fine
TRS8 TRS108 4x1/2 100x12.7 Medium
TRS9 TRS109 4x1/2 100x12.7 Coarse
TRS10 TRS110 6x3/8 150x9.5 Fine
TRS11 TRS111 6x3/8 150x9.5 Medium
TRS12 TRS112 6x3/8 150x9.5 Coarse
TRS13 TRS113 6x1/2 150x12.7 Fine
TRS14 TRS114 6x1/2 150x12.7 Medium
TRS15 TRS115 6x1/2 150x12.7 Coarse
TRS16 TRS116 6x5/8 150x16.0 Fine
TRS17 TRS117 6x5/8 150x16.0 Medium
TRS18 TRS118 6x5/8 150x16.0 Coarse
TRS19 TRS119 6x3/4 150x19.0 Fine
TRS20 TRS120 6x3/4 150x19.0 Medium
TRS21 TRS121 6x3/4 150x19.0 Coarse
TRS22 TRS122 6x1 150x25.4 Fine
TRS23 TRS123 6x1 150x25.4 Medium
TRS24 TRS124 6x1 150x25.4 Coarse
Inch Metric Grit
TRS30 TRS130 4x1/4x1/8 100x6.4x3.2 Fine
TRS31 TRS131 4x1/4x1/8 100x6.4x3.2 Medium
TRS32 TRS132 4x1/4x1/8 100x6.4x3.2 Coarse
TRS33 TRS133 4x3/8x1/4 100x9.5x6.4 Fine
TRS34 TRS134 4x3/8x1/4 100x9.5x6.4 Medium
TRS35 TRS135 4x3/8x1/4 100x9.5x6.4 Coarse
TRS36 TRS136 4x1/2x3/8 100x12.7x9.5 Fine
TRS37 TRS137 4x1/2x3/8 100x12.7x9.5 Medium
TRS38 TRS138 4x1/2x3/8 100x12.7x9.5 Coarse
TRS39 TRS139 4x3/4x1/4 100x19.0x9.5 Fine
TRS40 TRS140 4x3/4x1/4 100x19.0x6.4 Medium
TRS41 TRS141 4x3/4x1/4 100x19.0x6.4 Coarse
TRS42 TRS142 6x1/2x1/4 150x12.7x6.4 Fine
TRS43 TRS143 6x1/2x1/4 150x12.7x6.4 Medium
TRS44 TRS144 6x1/2x1/4 150x12.7x6.4 Coarse
TRS45 TRS145 8x1-1/4x1/2 200x32x12.7 Fine
TRS46 TRS146 8x1-1/4x1/2 200x32x12.7 Medium
TRS47 TRS147 8x1-1/4x1/2 200x32x12.7 Coarse
Size Grit
Inch Metric
TRS50 TRS150 4x1/4 100x6.4 Fine
TRS51 TRS151 4x1/4 100x6.4 Medium
TRS52 TRS152 4x1/4 100x6.4 Coarse
TRS53 TRS153 4x3/8 100x9.5 Fine
TRS54 TRS154 4x3/8 100x9.5 Medium
TRS55 TRS155 4x3/8 100x9.5 Coarse
TRS56 TRS156 4x1/2 100x12.7 Fine
TRS57 TRS157 4x1/2 100x12.7 Medium
TRS58 TRS158 4x1/2 100x12.7 Coarse
TRS59 TRS159 6x3/8 150x9.5 Fine
TRS60 TRS160 6x3/8 150x9.5 Medium
TRS61 TRS161 6x3/8 150x9.5 Coarse
TRS62 TRS162 6x1/2 150x12.7 Fine
TRS63 TRS163 6x1/2 150x12.7 Medium
TRS64 TRS164 6x1/2 150x12.7 Coarse

Half Round

wheel dresser



Silicon Carbide Wheel Dresser

abrasive wheel dresser

Size Grit
Inch Metric
TRS70 TRS170 4x1/2 100x12.7 Fine
TRS71 TRS171 4x1/2 100x12.7 Medium
TRS72 TRS172 4x1/2 100x12.7 Coarse
Size Grit
Inch Metric
TRS80 TRS180 4x1/4 100x6.4 Fine
TRS81 TRS181 4x1/4 100x6.4 Medium
TRS82 TRS182 4x1/4 100x6.4 Coarse
TRS83 TRS183 4x3/8 100x9.5 Fine
TRS84 TRS184 4x3/8 100x9.5 Medium
TRS85 TRS185 4x3/8 100x9.5 Coarse
TRS86 TRS186 4x1/2 100x12.7 Fine
TRS87 TRS187 4x1/2 100x12.7 Medium
TRS88 TRS188 4x1/2 100x12.7 Coarse
TRS89 TRS189 6x3/8 150x9.5 Fine
TRS90 TRS190 6x3/8 150x9.5 Medium
TRS91 TRS191 6x3/8 150x9.5 Coarse
TRS92 TRS192 6x1/2 150x12.7 Fine
TRS93 TRS193 6x1/2 150x12.7 Medium
TRS94 TRS194 6x1/2 150x12.7 Coarse
Size Grit
Inch Metric
WDS1 6x1 150 x 25.4 16R
WDS2 6x1 150 x 25.4 24S
WDS3 8x1 200 x 25.4 16R
WDS4 8x1 200 x 25.4 24R
Huntington Wheel Dressers & Cutters
huntington dresser
huntington dresser
Part # For Wheel With a Diameter Of Face Up to
No. 0 up to 10" 2"
No. 1 10" to 16" 3"
No. 2 16" to 36" 3 1/2"
Part # Diameter Hole Face Used On
No. 0 Cutters 1 1/4" 1/4" .426" No. 0
No. 1 Cutters 1 1/2" 1/2" .432" No. 1
No. 2 Cutters 2-3/8" 19/32" .830" No. 2


Safety Warning:
Grinding Wheels Improperly Used Are Dangerous See C.S.A. Safety Code B173.5
Use Safety Guard On Tools And Use Safety Goggle